Infinity Fuel Cell Technology is making an impact on the world by developing sustainable carbon neutral technology. Fuel cells are critical for our future, and play an important part in building a zero-emissions future

We are a small research and design team bringing experience, innovation and expertise. Our team of highly skilled people is seeking talented, high-energy professionals to join us.

Why join us?

By joining us, you’ll be supported by industry leaders with deep roots in the Vancouver fuel cell industry. We offer the opportunity to gain first-hand startup experience in a highly competitive and sought-after technical field.

When you join our team, you’ll have the opportunity to play a key role in decarbonizing our future and engage in continuous learning. With our size, you’ll have the chance to grow your equity and to take an active part in bringing this technology to market.

Our company has a diversified client list across multiple countries and technologies. This diversity gives us the resources and stability needed to contribute to a sustainable future!

We value our people, and our employees are here to grow their careers and develop advanced technology. When joining our team, you’ll be rewarded with:

Career development
Competitive compensation
Extensive benefits coverage
Learning opportunities
Flexible work arrangements
Stock options

Interested? Send us your resumes at, or check out our LinkedIn page for postings

Get to know us!

Emerson Gallagher - CEO

Emerson has over 22 years of experience developing and commercializing new PEM fuel cell technologies for Ballard Power Systems and AVL Fuel Cell Canada. His technical experience includes fundamental research, cell and stack design, as well as stack and system architecture development. His management experience includes running both the Stack Engineering and Stack Test Engineering teams for a Ballard during a major automotive OEM program, as well as managing the Stack/System Interface & Stack Architecture team at AVL Fuel Cell Canada. Emerson also has 22 granted patents with more pending.

Bevan Moss - Director of Engineering

Bevan has been working on the Product Development of Fuel Cells for a total of 13 years. He has worked in Testing, Hardware, Unit Cell Design, and more recently as a Stack Architect. He has led the developed several new stacks from scratch and followed them through Design Validation and Verification. Bevan also has experience working in the Remote Handling Nuclear Industry at Triumf. Bevan holds several patents for Fuel Cells and has one publication in Nuclear Engineering and Technology. Outside of work you will find him tinkering on his 1969 Datsun 510, Riding a Bike, or playing Squash. Bevan is excited to bring his experience to IFCT and to contribute to a highly technical and fun work environment.