PEM fuel cells have been around for years, and the basics are covered well in the public domain, but building a world-class fuel cell stack cannot be done with just public literature knowledge. Like any emerging technology, the technical leaders don’t disclose all of their knowledge. Our experience takes us beyond book learning and into the details that separate the industry leading stacks. We apply this experience to all electrochemical plate and frame technologies such as electrolysers, flow batteries, and more!

Infinity Fuel Cell Technology has deep experience designing stacks from <1 kW to >150 kW, and the knowledge to integrate them into systems for a variety of applications. We can help guide component selection of off-the-shelf components, or we can design fully customized solutions with specifications for all critical components. Our deep experience in fluid dynamics, structural FEA, and manufacturing can significantly improve the operation, assembly, and reliability of any plate and frame stack design.


We know that transitioning to carbon neutral technologies is critical to our future, and that many solutions will be needed. Fuel cells will play a role in applications requiring high up-time and continuous high power – some of the most carbon-intensive industries in need of new solutions. Electrolysers will be needed for production of H2 or repurposing CO­2.

Infinity Fuel Cell Technology is a small, agile plate and frame research and design team with a significant amount of experience in the fuel cell industry. Developing novel solutions for plate and frame stack markets is something we are passionate about. We bring both experience and innovation to our work.


Emerson Gallagher - CEO

Emerson has over 22 years of experience developing and commercializing new PEM fuel cell technologies for Ballard Power Systems and AVL Fuel Cell Canada. His technical experience includes fundamental research, cell and stack design, as well as stack and system architecture development. His management experience includes running both the Stack Engineering and Stack Test Engineering teams for Ballard during a major automotive OEM program, as well as managing the Stack/System Interface & Stack Architecture team at AVL Fuel Cell Canada. Emerson also has 22 granted patents with more pending.

Bevan Moss - Director of Engineering

Bevan has been working on the Product Development of Fuel Cells for a total of 14 years. He has worked in Testing, Hardware, Unit Cell Design, and more recently as a Stack Architect. He has developed several new stacks from scratch and followed them through Design Validation and Verification. Bevan also has experience working in the Remote Handling Nuclear Industry at Triumf. Bevan holds several patents for Fuel Cells and has one publication in Nuclear Engineering and Technology. Outside of work you will find him tinkering on his 1969 Datsun 510, Riding a Bike, or playing Squash. Bevan is excited to bring his experience to IFCT and to contribute to a highly technical and fun work environment.

David Buck - Sr. Mechanical Designer/PLM Admin

Dave has over 25 years of new product development experience in various industries, with the last 10 years in the hydrogen fuel cell space. Over the last decade Dave has taken on many lead design roles in the development of fuel cell stacks from conceptual phase through to production ready designs. He has a desire to see hydrogen powered vehicles be a mainstay in our world and aid in the mission to reduce green house gas effects on our planet. When Dave isn’t designing you will probably find him in another green space playing golf.


501-3292 Production Way, Burnaby, B.C.